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What's new in St Hilaire?

The restaurations draws to a close at the abbey...!!

Sir Régis Martin is the architect of the Historic Monuments.
The CORREA company has been chosen to realise the works.


Photos taken in March, tuesday the 1st,
One can see the crane.



The works start with the monk's refectory...

These works should be ended in april 2006.


Some photos of the refectory before works...

Western wall and the reading chair
Southern wall


June - July 2005


Wall's demolition...

Between the abbot's garden and the monks' refectory,
construction of a wall with a large window.



The laborers in action....
Southern Wall,
after the creation of the handicapped access..


During august, the abbey recovers the silence because no work in hand.

September, walls rise up.

State of the stained glasses and the northern wall before restauration.
(photo taken in september 2005)



Bay window restauration.
(photo taken winter 2005)

Stained glasses laying.
(photo taken march 2006)


Roof restauration in february-march 2006.
The crane allows the transport of materials.
(photo taken in march 2006)


The frame has been put!!!!
(picture taken in march 2006)
Preparation of the floor heating system.
(picture taken in march 2006)

April 2006

The central piece of the reading chair, once sculpted by the stonecutter.

The reading chair in works.


The keystone is set up.
5,000 little cobblestones have been laid.

A whitewash is applied on the southern and eastern walls.

In may 2006, the crane disappeared of the landscape of Saint Hilaire.

In july 2006, official inauguration for the public.

In september 2006, a coating is applied at floor to give it vividness and to protect it.

Today, visitors can discover or discover again the monks' refectory.

Now, the architect prepares the plans of the garden which adjoins the refectory.

Little by little, we will inform you of the progress of works...